Driveshaft Yoke

Forged from hardened steel
Heating treated to endure tough conditions
Engineered a precise fit
To quickly find your slip yoke, utilize the filters beneath for transmitting model, spline count and more. Remember when searching based on transmission model that some transmissions have several different outcome shaft spline counts, like the GM T5 27 spline and Ford T5 28 spline yoke. Usually verify your result spline count.

Slip yokes come in a large assortment of dimensions to accommodate for the infinite volume of applications that want a drive shaft. The term “slip yoke assembly” can be used interchangeably with the terms “slip yoke” and “slip”. The only big difference among these terms is that a “slide yoke assembly” includes a dirt cap, which is normally given any slip yoke that’s sold as an individual part and important when set up in a travel shaft.
The drive shaft pinion yoke, or slip yoke, allows your drive shaft to flex and the U-joint to rotate properly with the travel shaft. If your yoke can be failing, you may recognize rumbling and vibration from the drive shaft. It is vital to keep the yoke and U-joint lubricated. Dirty grease, or too little grease, may cause extreme tension along the driveline and could damage the components. If you need a alternative yoke, We carry travel shaft pinion yokes and grease to preserve your vehicle driving smoothly.
Driveshaft slip yokes provide an essential link in the current driveline and chassis combinations. Yokes can be found in standard length for most street applications with reduced suspension travel to extra-longer for racing suspensions which have a radical sum of travel. provides driveshaft slide yokes for many popular transmissions including Powerglide, TH350, TH700R4, Muncie, Saginaw, Torqueflite, C-4, C-6 and even more.
Determine the Series
2. Determine the spline outside diameter and quantity of teeth.
3. Determine the distance from centerline of joint to get rid of of spline.
Use of the above info will narrow the selection down to a particular yoke shaft with actual dimensions
or a selection of yoke shafts having common dimensions.
Within those common shafts, there can be part numbers that have different lengths of spline,
numerous distances from the end of the spline to the radius for the neck of the shaft or different
maximum working angles.
Footnotes for parts and assemblies that are discontinued, will be discontinued after depletion of
stock, or not sold separately, are indicated by a symbol next to the part number. Match the symbol
to the correct status in the bottom of the site. All other footnotes can be found immediately
below the yoke dimensional data.
Spicer end yokes deliver the same top quality and reliability you expect from your own original equipment parts. That’s because they are OE parts, made to the same criteria and features as the finish yokes which were installed in your automobile in the first place.
Manufactured for precision and toughness, Spicer end yokes help to Driveshaft Yoke china minimize noise and vibration to preserve your driveline running well. In addition, Spicer driveshaft end yokes happen to be:

OE-quality fit, overall performance, and reliability
Minimized noise and vibration
Manufacturing that fulfills exacting specifications
The bottom line is this: Spicer end yokes deliver the same quality and reliability you anticipate from your original equipment parts. That’s because they’re OE parts-built to the same benchmarks and specifications as the drive shaft yokes that were installed in your automobile to begin with.
Designed to deliver trouble-free, constant performance
Right for your vehicle and lifestyle
Created from high-quality materials for ultimate durability
Manufactured to meet or exceed strict top quality requirements
As years passed and EPT continued to innovate, the business became known for its ability to regularly develop “problem solving solutions.” Today, a huge selection of innovations after, EPT is regarded and respected throughout the automotive industry because The Issue Solver. It remains to earn that reputation by providing not only problem-solving parts, but award-winning tech support team and training materials likewise.
The slip yoke is a significant component of any drive shaft assembly. The slide yoke assembly is usually what allows drive shafts and PTOs to flex or “slide” with their given program. The slip yoke can be essential for making it possible for u-joints to rotate correctly with the travel shaft.


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